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This serves as my first sculpted and textured female. Twas really challenging for me, leaving my comfort zone(so to say), however I enjoyed the process all the way and the results. I hope it's like-able.

Critiques are welcome!!!

Daniel orji phoebe

First Hairstyle - Used simple interpolation with wave kink, Frequency -0.5, Shape 0.99 Roundness - 1.0, Amplitude- 1.0

Daniel orji phoebe 3

Second- Same setting as the first, except roundness - 0.00

Daniel orji phoebe 2

Third - wave kink, Frequency - 2.0, Shape - 0.00

Daniel orji wireframe


Daniel orji wireframe 2 1


Daniel orji clay render

Clay Render

Daniel orji clay render 2

Second Clay Render

Daniel orji solid view 2

Solid View

Daniel orji solid view 3

Solid View 2

Daniel orji solid view 1

Solid View 3